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2021 NCCIA Conference Schedule

2021 Conference Agenda


All Day



Board of Directors and Committee Members                                      The Rotunda


All Day



Registration Opens (Coffee available at desk)                         Presidential Foyer  Sponsored by IMPERIAL PFS
Government Affairs Committee
Communications Committee


Board of Directors                                                                    Holloway Board Room


Golf Tournament; Scramble                                                                           Pro Shop


An Introduction to Captive Insurance and                                  Ambassador Duke The Fundamentals of Captive Insurance

Understanding the basics of a captive insurance company is an important aspect of investigating whether a captive is beneficial to an organization. Join this session to have all your questions answered regarding the fundamentals of captive insurance.

Speakers: Anne Marie Towle, Hylant; Leane Rafalko, NCDOI; Amy Mailoux, First Horizon Bank  Sponsored by HYLANT

Captive Owners Forum

Sponsored by ARSENAL INSURANCE MANAGEMENT                                    (Luncheon begins at Noon)                                                      The Rotunda


The Captive Owners Forum: The Forum is designed as a program within a program especially for captive owners and their direct employees focused on three key areas of captive ownership in  North Carolina.

Captive Owners Forum Session 1.                             Ambassador A, B, C

Governance for the Captive Owner

The structural heart of any organization is the quality of its management and an appropriate foundation in operating principles. Proper governance, effectively and continuously applied and maintained, will assure that the organization succeeds in its goals. Learn the best governance practices and strategies for your captive.

Panelists: Alex Webb, Webb & Morton; Jeremy Colombik, Management Services International:

Moderator, Lea Riddle, McGriff Insurance


Coffee Break                                                                               Ambassador Gallery


Captive Owners Forum Session 2.                         Ambassador A, B, C

Lifecycle of a Captive Insurance Company

In this session, the panel will walk through an engaging case study following a captive from an idea to formation. Highlighted will be the operations of a captive through different real-life scenarios including developing, maintaining, expanding, and even closing your captive program.

Panelists: Mathew Amodeo, OSP RE; Rob Van Epps, Financial Risk Analysts; Diana Hardy, RH CPA’s;

Moderator: Leon Rives, RH CPA’s


Captive Owners Forum Session 3.

An Introduction to the NC Department of Insurance & The NC Captive Insurance Association

Speakers: Debbie Walker, Senior Deputy Commissioner, Captive’s Division, NCDOI; Thomas Adams, President & CEO, NCCIA


Opening Plenary Sessions                                                               Presidents 1 & 2  Sponsored by STRATEGIC RISK SOLUTIONS 

Opening Remarks: Thomas Adams, President & CEO, NCCIA

Panel: Internal Revenue Service v. CIC Insurance Services.

For the past three years the captive insurance industry has been focused on litigation between CIC Insurance Services and the Internal Revenue Service. In December that case reached the US Supreme Court when oral arguments were presented to the Court. A panel Consisting of the President of CIC, the lead attorney for the company and the attorney who drafted the industry amicus brief for the state domiciles will discuss the case and it’s ramifications for the industry.

Speakers: Sean King, President CIC Insurance Services; Adam Weber, Attorney; and Kevin Doherty. Dickinson Wright

Moderator: R Lane Brown III, Consultant, NCCIA

6:15 – End of the Plenary Session

Opening Reception and Exhibition Hall Opens                          Presidents Gallery

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Registration Opens                                                                         Presidents Gallery

Coffee Available                                                                                                                                            Sponsored by OAK HARBOR REINSURANCE


Second Plenary Session                                                                  Presidents 1 & 2 
The NC Department of Insurance Overview

Numerous challenges in regulation of captives occurred during 2020. This panel will present a case study overview of those challenges and a review of the past year in the domicile.

Panelists: Michelle Osborne, Deputy Commissioner; Debbie Walker, Senior Deputy Captive’s Division

Moderator: Alex Webb, NCCIA Government Affairs Chair


Coffee Break                                                                                                     Presidents Gallery  Sponsored by OAK HARBOR REINSURANCE


Concurrent Session A.                                                                           Presidents C
Bringing it Home: Redomiciling Your Captive

Sometimes there is no place like home for your captive’s domicile. A desire to move may be rooted in FET tax, self-procurement taxes, reduced compliance initiatives or lower travel burdens.  How do you move your company from another state or country home to North Carolina?  In this session we’ll discuss the experience of Brisk Insurance Company who successfully moved their company from Bermuda to North Carolina.  The session will look at the reasons it might make sense, the process from an insurance and legal perspective and the overall results, both positive and negative, that came as a result of the move.

Panelists: Bob Bernatchez of Brisk Insurance Company, Dennis Silvia of Davies Captive Management and Alex Webb of Webb & Morton.

Moderator: Mike Meehan


Concurrent Session B.                                                             Ambassador A, B, C
Developing the Next Generation of Captive Professionals

This session will focus on methods being utilized in the captive industry to attract new talent and retain existing talent. The panel will discuss what is being done by organizations to find new talent and develop succession plans.

Panelists: Erin Hackett, Crow & Chair of CICA Next Gen Task Force; Anjanette Maddison, Scottsdale & Member CICA Amplify Task Force

Moderator: Dan Towle, President CICA


Concurrent Session C.                                                                           Presidents C
The Office of the Future or Not?

Business experience during the Covid Pandemic has resulted In many workers working from home. Others have found themselves working from their offices part time and from home on some days. Business travel has been greatly reduced. Our panelists will peer into the future and share what we may expect from the physical workplace in the near to mid-term.  Panelists: David Fuge, Johnson Lambert; Douglas Copeland, Furnitureland Contracts

Concurrent Session D                                                            Ambassador A, B, C
Absorbing Accounting Changes For Captives

Through the tumult of the last 18 months, accounting and financial reporting rules have quietly continued to evolve as well.  Join us for a summary of the changes we have absorbed over the last twelve months, changes occurring now, and for thoughts on what to expect going forward.

Panelists: Hartley Hartman, Johnson Lambert; Scott Bailey Carr Riggs & Ingram; T.J. Strickland, Strickland Hardee CPA’s



Annual Commissioner’s Luncheon                                               Presidents 1 & 2

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey

NC Captive Insurance Association Chair Matt Holycross                                                                  Sponsored by CARR RIGGS & INGRAM


Concurrent Session E.                                                                           Presidents C
Best Practices For Owning & Operating A Captive

In this session, a captive owner, a captive manager, and an actuary will share some of their experiences with captive formations and the ongoing operation of captives.  The discussion will focus on the lessons they have learned at the various stages of a captive’s lifecycle and identify some best practices that can help lead to the long-term success of a captive.

Panelists: Anne Marie Towle, Hylant; Mike Meehan, Milliman Jeff Harrison, Grubbs Automotive

Moderator: Mike Meehan


Concurrent Session F.                                                              Ambassador A, B, C
Role of The Carrier Involved With Group Medical Stop Loss Captives: Does the insurer matter?

The use of group medical stop loss captives by small and mid-size self-funded employers continues to flourish despite the increased emergence of high cost claimants and the FDA approval of new gene therapy drugs.  Understanding the risk and how to mitigate costly claims is imperative in order for the participating employers and programs to avoid pitfalls.  Therefore, the role of the stop loss carrier can have a major impact on a program’s success. During this session we will look at self-funding and the medical stop loss market today, factors such as underwriting and cost containment, and considerations when selecting the right carrier for a group medical stop loss program (there’s no one size fits all). We will conclude the session with case studies of how stop loss carriers can have a positive impact on program results.

Panelists: James Hoitt, Berkley Accident & Health; Wendy Dine, Strategic Risk Solutions; Dominic Franchini, Horan

Moderator: David Littlehale


Coffee Break                                                                                                     Presidents Gallery   Sponsored by JOHNSON LAMBERT


Concurrent Session G.                                                                           Presidents C
Investment Vehicles For Captive Insurance Portfolios

In this session, a captive owner, a captive manager, and an actuary will share some of their experiences with captive formations and the ongoing operation of captives.  The discussion will focus on the lessons they have learned at the various stages of a captive’s lifecycle and identify some best practices that can help lead to the long-term success of a captive.

Panelists: Carl Terzer, Captive Advisor Associates; Raghu Ramachandran, Insurance Asset Channel; (TBD)

Moderator: Will Motley, Johnson Lambert

Concurrent Session H.                                                             Ambassador A, B, C
Cyber Risk – What’s in Store for Captive Owners?

Join us while we explore trends in cyber risk and commercial coverage and what this means for captive owners today and going forward.  SSA Jessica Nye will discuss current cyber threats and developments observed by the FBI, along with steps to mitigate and when to engage law enforcement.  In light of the current environment can captives be both a target and response tool?

Panelists: Aaron Hillebrandt, Pinnacle Actuaries, Patrick Theriault, SRS; Jessica Nye, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Moderator: Meghan Brown, Merlinos

6:00 – End of the Plenary Session

Evening Reception & Party                                                       Presidents Terrace

Twilight in Carolina. Soft southern breezes, freshly prepared goodies await. North Carolina’s finest D.J. and NCCIA favorite King Curtiss will warm us up and then give way for the sounds of the famous Sand Band from Pinehurst NC, all on the lovely Terrace of the Washington Duke.

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Wednesday, September 1


Registration Opens                                                                      Presidents Gallery

Coffee Available


Third Plenary Session: Industry Advocacy                                Presidents A & B

In recent years the captive industry has faced challenges from regulatory intrusions by the IRS, legislation on Capitol Hill & the state legislatures and the courts. This panel will focus on the efforts of trade associations to represent the industry in those forums.

Panelists: Martin Eveleigh, Atlas Insurance Management; John Capasso, Captive Planning Associates; Kevin Doherty, Dickinson Wright Moderator: Thomas Adams


Coffee Break                                                                                Presidents Gallery  Sponsored by BROAD REACH PARTNERS 


Fourth Plenary Session                                                                 Presidents 1 & 2  ESG Investing and the Insurance Industry: The Tide is Coming In (FAST)

One of the most significant and at times controversial trends in the investment management industry today relates to sustainable investing and the application of ESG factor analysis (Environmental, Social, Governance).  At center stage is the US insurance industry, from both investment and regulatory standpoints. On both fronts, levels of even partial integration are well behind our international peers, whether it be reinsurers in Europe, the globally minded International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) or those simply embracing the United Nation’s more aspirational Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI).  With trends so irreversible and the US so lagging, it begs the question of how did we get here, where and how fast are we going, and what benefits insurance companies would realize with even partial adoption of the basic principles?

Panelists: Robert G. Smith, Sage Advisory Services, President & CEO; John J. Gauthier, JJG Advisory,  Principal (Pending); Maura McGuigan, AM Best, Director of Credit Rating Criteria (Pending)

Moderator: Leane Rafalko, Chief Captive Analyst, NCDOI


Final Plenary Session                                                                   Presidents 1 & 2   Annual Legal & Regulatory Update 

Our annual closing panel of legal experts will review key legal cases and regulatory developments affecting the captive insurance industry.

Speakers: Bruce Wright, Eversheds Sutherland; Chaz Lavelle, Bingham Greenbaum Doll


Closing Remarks, Adjournment                                                    Presidents 1 & 2

Tom Adams