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2020 NCCIA Conference Schedule

Monday, Aug 31

9:00 am
Registration Opens

8:30 am
Board of Directors Meeting

11:00 am
Golf Tournament (Scramble Format)

1:00 pm
An Introduction to Captive Insurance and The Fundamentals of Captive Insurance 

This seminar will  explain the basics of captive insurance companies, what they are, their purpose, how they are structured, managed and their advantages, as well as the tax rules surrounding their utilization.
Speakers: Anne Marie Towle, Hylant; Erin Hacket, Crowe; Amy Mailloux, First Horizon;  Leane Rafalko, NCDOI  

Moderator: Anne Marie Towle, Hylant

2:00 pm
Exhibitors Set Up

5:00 pm
Opening Plenary Session
Thomas Adams, President & CEO, NCCIA

Michael Bitzer, Ph.D.
T.P. & J.C. Leonard Chair of Political Science
Professor of Politics & History
Chair, Department of Politics, Catawba College

Sponsored by Strategic Risk Solutions

The Opening Reception (Following the Plenary Session)
Sponsored by Management Services International


Tuesday, Sept 1st

8:00 am
Registration Opens

9:00 am
NC Department of Insurance Plenary Session                                             

The Department will present a review of it’s activity in 2019 identifying  areas of excellence by captive companies and areas for improvement including case studies.

Speakers: Michelle Osborne, Deputy Commissioner, NC Department of Insurance, Debbie Walker Senior Deputy Commissioner, Captive’s Division Moderator: Lane Brown, NCCIA

10:00 am
Coffee Break

10:20 am
Concurrent Sessions

Coming Home – Redomiciling Your Captive

This case study will take you through the steps to move your captive from another jurisdiction to North Carolina.  You’ll learn from the practical experience of Brisk Insurance Company as it moved from Bermuda to North Carolina and how best to make your future move efficient and cost effective.  Panelists will include the management of Brisk, its captive manager and the law firm that assisted in the transition.

Speakers: Dennis Silvia, Cedar Consulting; Bob Bernatchez, Brisk Management Services; Alex Webb, Webb & Morton.
Moderator: Mike Meehan

Developing the Next Generation of Captive Professionals 

This session will focus on methods being utilized in the captive industry to attract new talent and retain existing talent. The panel will discuss what is being done by organizations to find new talent and develop succession plans.

Panelists: Erin Hackett, Crow and Chair of CICA’s NEXTGen Task Force Anjanette Fowler, Maddison Scottsdale and member of CICA’s Amplify Task Force 
Moderator: Dan Towle, President, CICA

11:30 pm
Concurrent Sessions

What’s Your Number? – Taking A Deep Dive Into Statistics 

Taking a deep-dive into statistics and actuarial data can be a game-changer for a captive insurer: Actuarial data is the lifeblood of a captive insurance programs, and the use of statistics and actuarial data can help chart the course for a growing captive while also identifying areas of risk mitigation. TABS Insurance, a special-purpose, small captive owned by an association and established for benefit of its members is using claims data, statistics and other actuarial information to help build the captive, identify a risk profile and looking to provide research and data back to participating members. Using a strategic approach to knowledge-sharing using strong partnerships, TABS Insurance has leveraged this information to withstand turbulent times and to increase market share.

Panelists: Geoff Still, TABS Insurance; Paul Ferrera; Rob Ramos
Moderator: Geoff Still

Absorbing Accounting Changes for Captives

As FASB continues to tinker with the accounting model, captives and other interested parties must adapt to the changes that should be adopted. This session will provide captive owners and managers with a level of expectation for changes in captive financial statements included in 2019 and coming in future periods.

Panelists: Hartley Hartman, Johnson Lambert; Scott Bailey, Carr Riggs & Ingram; T.J. Strickland, Rives & Associates
Moderator: Scott Bailey, Carr Riggs & Ingram

12:45 pm
Annual Commissioners Luncheon 

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey
Lea Riddle, Chairman, NCCIA

Sponsored by Carr, Riggs, and Ingram

2:00 pm
Concurrent Sessions

Best Practices for Owning and Operating a Captive 

In this session, experienced captive industry professionals, will share their experience with captive formations and the ongoing operation of captives.  The presentation will focus on the lessons they have learned at the various stages of a captive’s lifecycle.  Panelists will describe how they chose to address certain situations and how this has led to best practices that help achieve long term success with captive programs.

Panelists:  Mike Meehan, Milliman; Anne Marie Towle; Hylant; Jeff Harrison, Grubbs Automotive
Moderator: Mike Meehan

Does the insurer matter? The role of the carrier involved with group medical stop loss captives

The use of group medical stop loss captives by small and mid-size self-funded employers continues to flourish despite the increased emergence of high cost claimants and the FDA approval of new gene therapy drugs.  Understanding the risk and how to mitigate costly claims is imperative in order for the participating employers and programs to avoid pitfalls.  Therefore, the role of the stop loss carrier can have a major impact on a program’s success.

During this session we will look at self-funding and the medical stop loss market today, factors such as underwriting and cost containment, and considerations when selecting the right carrier for a group medical stop loss program (there’s no one size fits all). We will conclude the session with case studies of how stop loss carriers can have a positive impact on program results.

Panelists: James Hoitt, Berkley Accident & Health; Wendy J. Dine, Strategic Risk Solutions;                                                Moderator: David Littlehale: Strategic Risk Solutions

3:20 pm
Concurrent Sessions

Investment Vehicles For Captive Insurance Portfolios:

This session will explore the hot topic debate – is active or passive management appropriate for captive portfolios. This session will work to show that both styles can be used to better diversify a portfolio.

Panelists: Carl Terzer, Captive Advisor Associates; Raghu Ramachandran, Insurance Asset Channel
Moderator: Grant Davis, Captive Advisor Associates

The Covid-19 Pandemic: An actuarial nightmare or a wealth of new opportunities

How can captive insurers put a price on premiums for a situation that effects the whole world and never been experienced before? Are there new opportunities for coverage? Are health care captives more vulnerable than others. This panel will explore the impact of the disease across that captive landscape.

Panel Leader: Phil Giles, MSL Captives

4:20 pm

4:45 pm
Concurrent Sessions

Cyber Risk – A Devious Data Dilemma 

 The panel’s FBI special agent will discuss emerging cyber-crime threats. The actuary will help attendees navigate the data minefield that exists for cyber-risk as a newer line of business, while the captive manager will put the pieces together to illustrate the impact of these items on the captive insurance market.

Panelists: Aaron Hillebrandt, Pinnacle Actuaries; Patrick Theriault, SRS; Jessica Nye, Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Moderator: Ann West

Framing the Current Economic Expansion & How your captive can utilize invested assets to maximize your dollar.

 Learn how to properly structure your captive’s portfolio and take a brief look into market factors soon to impact your captive and its performance.

Panelists: Warren Miller, Performa USA; Scott Mildrum, Performa USA
Moderator: Alex Murray

6:15 pm
Evening Reception & Party: Who is your favorite spy? James Bond, Natasha, Benedict Arnold. Come dressed as your favorite spy and enjoy this evening fun on the beautiful Washington Duke Inn’s Patio.

Sponsored by Rives and Associates


Wednesday, Sept 2nd

8:00 am

Captive Managers Breakfast

Sessions Begin

Industry Advocacy

As SIIA ramps up its captive advocacy efforts with the formation of a very widely supported Captive Advocacy Team, the three panelists will explain the Team’s mission, discuss progress to date and look at the Team’s proposed activities for the next 12 months. Special emphasis will be placed on how SIIA will cooperate with NCCIA and other domicile Associations in this initiative.

Panelists: Martin Eveleigh, Atlas Insurance Management, John Capasso, Captive Planning Associates; Kevin Doherty, Dickinson Wright. PLLC


ESG Investing: The Tide is Coming In (Fast)

One of the most significant and at times most controversial trends in the investment management industry today relates to sustainable investing and the application of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors.

It begs the question of how did we get here, where is the insurance industry going, and how can captives benefit from even partial adoption of the basic principles.

Panelists: Robert G. Smith, Sage Advisory Services, President & CIO; John J. Gauthier, JJG Advisory, Principal; Maura McGuigan, AM Best, Director of Credit Rating Criteria

Moderator: Leane Rafalko, NCDOI  

11:00 am

Annual Legal and Regulatory Update

Speakers: Bruce Wright, Eversheds Sutherland ; Chaz Lavelle, Bingham Greenebaum Doll; Tom Jones, McDermott Will & Emery

Closing Remarks, Adjournment
Tom Adams