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NCCIA Conference: ESG Investing: The Tide is Coming In (Fast) | By Bob Smith, President and Co-Founder SAGE Advisors

Thank you to Bob Smith, President and Co-Founder of SAGE Advisors for taking time to participate in the video above.

Session Overview: ESG Investing: The Tide is Coming In (Fast)

One of the most significant and at times most controversial trends in the investment management industry today relates to sustainable investing and the application of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. It begs the question of how did we get here, where is the insurance industry going, and how can captives benefit from even partial adoption of the basic principles.

Panelists: Robert G. Smith, Sage Advisory Services, President & CIO; John J. Gauthier, JJG Advisory, Principal; Maura McGuigan, AM Best, Director of Credit Rating Criteria
Moderator: Leane Rafalko, NCDOI  

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