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NCCIA Conference Moving To Durham In 2020 | Rescheduled for Aug 31st, 2020


(Charlotte)…..In a surprise announcement NCCIA President and CEO Thomas Adams announced that the association was moving the dates for it’s annual conference for 2020 and beyond, to the spring from its late summer traditional time slot. Additionally the annual conference will leave Charlotte and relocate to the Raleigh Durham area. In 2020 the conference will be held May 13-15 at the Washington Duke Hotel on the campus of Duke University. The Washington Duke is rated as the number one University affiliated hotel in the United States.


In a video announcement at the conference Adams said “For some time the Board of Directors has believed that there are simply too many domicile association meetings that fall between August and November. This decision is designed to get North Carolina out of that scrum and be the first major association domicile conference of the year.” Continuing, ”for the individuals who attend multiple domicile conferences, this means that the education you receive at the conference will be fresh and not warmed over.” It is also in keeping with North Carolina’s determination to be a domicile that stays at the crest of the wave.”


               NCCIA will issue an RFP for presentations in September.