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Tom Adams North Carolina Captive Insurance Association

Originally published by Captive Insurance Times

What is the main focus of this year’s conference?

This year’s conference planning committee surveyed our members to find topics that are of current interest to them. So instead of planning a conference from the top down we’ve planned it from the bottom up, so it’s chock full of topics they want to hear about. We are also increasing the emphasis on networking opportunities.

Any sessions you are particularly looking forward to?

We have a session on cyber security that features a Special Agent of the FBI that focuses every day on what is happening in the cyber world. People who have heard him speak say he is fascinating and has a riveting message.

What are you most excited about ahead of the conference?

Due to renovations at the Ballantyne Hotel we are having this year’s conference at the Le Meridien & Sheraton Hotels in Uptown Charlotte. This venue change has given us a really cool place for our Tuesday night social event. 

Instead of the traditional outdoor Beach Music and BBQ event we are going to be in a genuine 70’s discotheque! The party room is rarely used and being opened up especially for our meeting. 

We’re urging everyone to get out their platform shoes and best polyester wear and have fun going back in time 40 years. It will be fun and a really different feel for Tuesday night’s entertainment.

There seems to be an emphasis on contemporary issues, cyber & cannabis etc, is it important to the conference/association to ensure you keep on such issues?

Yes, we’re covering those two subjects. We asked our members what type of programme they wanted and as a result we are featuring a number of contemporary, pressing topics. That said, there is still popular traditional programming such as the annual tax update, a hot topic presentation from the Department of Insurance, the captives 101 session and of course, the annual Commissioner’s Luncheon, featuring commissioner Mike Causey.

Any final thoughts as we head into the conference?

In 2017, North Carolina was far and away the fastest growing domicile in the US. If I were going to spend limited continuing education and sponsorship dollars I would make sure I was in Charlotte between the 20 and 22 August to find out why that is happening. Then I would set my sights on growing my business in this state rather than some other domicile. The North Carolina Department of Insurance staff will be there to meet with you at length. Plan to take advantage of it.

How has 2018 been for NCCIA, what are your expectations for the end of the year?

I know that from conversations with the Department of Insurance that applications for all types of captives and redomestications are coming through the door. Combine that fact with the association having another successful session in the legislature and we have a great annual conference coming up in August, I expect 2018 to be an outstanding year for North Carolina. Come and see what it is all about!